SD-WAN, SASE prove essential tools for Porsche’s electric-racecar success

March 20th, 2023

As noted in the article:

Data analytics are key to the success of teams at the Formula E World Championship. The TAG Heuer Porsche team, currently first place in standings, leverages Cato Networks’ SD-WAN link to send racing data to the operation center in Germany. The data is analyzed in real-time and recommendations are sent back to the drivers on-site. 

With Cato, the TAG Heuer Porsche team can set up their network in half a day, even when races take place in city streets without infrastructure. A Cato SD-WAN appliance is used to quickly and securely establish a WAN link. Cato’s solution enables drivers to maximize the performance, flexibility, and security they need to compete, enabling the team to focus on racing and winning.