Security Now: 9 Experts, 5 Bullish Predictions

January 13th, 2016

There’s no doubt that the cybersecurity market is hot, but you need to focus: While research firm Gartner expects the 2015 cybersecurity market to hit $75 billion, spending won’t be evenly distributed. For instance, IDC says the biggest forward-looking areas of growth will likely be security analytics and security information and event management, threat intelligence and mobile security. In most areas, sales will expand 10 percent, with mobile growing at 18 percent and cloud security at 50 percent.

In the year ahead, your customers are going to seek insights on how they can improve the information and intelligence they currently have on the risks and threats to their organizations. And when it comes to on-premises equipment, their security investments, while still strong, won’t experience much, if any, growth. Instead, the lion’s share of cybersecurity spending will happen in the areas where applications and data are heading: mobile and cloud.

With these trends in mind, I reached out to security vendors and service providers for their perspective on the most important channel security trends for 2016.