Start-up your engines

December 6th, 2016

The security market is constantly changing as new technology develops, with innovations in cloud computing and IoT presenting new security challenges which have opened the door for hundreds of start-ups in the past few years. But while start-ups often bring fresh ideas and innovative products to the market, they can also present a risk to partners choosing to take their wares to market.

According to Statistic Brain, just 37 per cent of information start-ups will still be operating after four years in business. This means resellers that invest in the other 63 per cent could stand to lose hefty amounts of cash invested in the new companies, as well as invaluable time and resources.

One recent security start-up is Cato Networks, set up by Shlomo Kramer, the founder of Check Point and Imperva, and the first investor in Palo Alto Networks. The firm, which specialises in network security as a cloud service, has already begun looking for partners in the UK, despite starting trading only last year.