Answering the Top Questions About SASE Asked by IT Professionals

Since its inception, the secure access service edge (SASE) has inspired questions and confusion. To clear up matters, we asked IT managers, analysts, and journalists to submit their toughest questions on LinkedIn.

Ask away they did. Questions covered the gamut of SASE issues. Many wondered how SASE differed from SD-WAN and legacy networking approaches. Others asked how Cato’s SASE solution could help their companies. 15 questions in all covered the ins and outs of the new SASE architecture.

Now, you too can get your questions about SASE answered in this eBook. Read the answers we gave and check out the links for more information. For anyone just starting out learning about SASE, this eBook is a must-read.

Questions addressed include:

  • Exactly what is SASE?
  • What’s the difference between SASE and SD-WAN?
  • How does SASE compare to SD-Branch?
  • Can SASE replace VPNs?
  • What are the most compelling (business) arguments in favor of SASE and SD-WAN?
  • Should SASE be top of mind for CIOs and if so, why?

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