Feedback from CISOs: The First Three Things to do When Starting to Use Cato

CISO’s are tasked with the challenging work of building cyber security into their organization’s culture, balancing cost, security efficacy and user experience to keep their organization secure while enabling users to be happy and productive.

The legacy approach to security requires constant compromise and creates immense pressure for CISOs and their staff. SASE is the modern approach to security and connectivity, and Cato has been the SASE leader since our founding in 2015. Read our whitepaper to see what real CISOs are doing once they adopt Cato SASE, leveraging always up-to-date security, complete visibility and an experience that delights users.

Discover the first three things CISOs can do with Cato SASE Cloud to enhance their organization’s security posture:

  • Enable full visibility and categorization of applications running across the network
  • Adopt consistent, real-time security across users and locations connected to Cato SASE Cloud
  • Establish data sovereignty using Cato’s DLP engine

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