White Paper

How to Adopt SASE in 6 Easy Steps

This whitepaper is your helpful guide to SASE adoption. In just 6 easy steps you’ll master SASE preparation, planning, RFP, budgeting, PoC, and implementation. Short, sweet, and to the point, learn to plan your business cases and technical architecture when looking for a brand-new SASE service. After reading this whitepaper, you should have a front-runner for your SASE selection, and be able to move to the immediate stages of planning.

In this whitepaper you’ll discover:

  • Preparing key technical and business criteria to assist with SASE vendor selection
  • Learn to create a SASE project plan, that augments your business and technical use cases
  • Get a framework for SASE RFI/ RFP selection
  • Understand how to “talk SASE to your board” and get management consensus
  • Learn to formulate a clear and effective SASE POC that helps you evaluate vendors
  • Find a front-runner for SASE service implementation – and move to implementation

Master Your SASE Adoption