What to Consider Before Renewing your SD-WAN Contract or Service

If you deployed SD-WAN boxes in the past few years, or just considered them, it was probably to cut costs and boost capacity over your old MPLS network. Your network and security needs, however, go way beyond that limited goal.

Our customers looked “beyond the SD-WAN box” and into a SASE platform to deliver strong security everywhere, improve global latency to cloud and on-premises applications, and extend optimal and secure access to employees in the office and at home. If you also want to achieve these goals, most likely SD-WAN can’t get you there.

Real SASE includes a powerful edge SD-WAN feature. But, SASE also converges the security, cloud, global, and remote access capabilities into a single platform needed to support your business today and in the future. You can gradually deploy these capabilities while replacing or coexisting with multiple point solutions, appliances, and cloud services. You will save money, increase agility and responsiveness to the business, get better visibility and control across your entire network, and improve availability and resiliency.

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