Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 WFH Frenzy

After years of accommodating a small number of WFH users, COVID-19 propelled enterprises to upgrade equipment and rearchitect their entire remote access strategy in days. For many, this process is still ongoing.

In this new ebook, IT Managers Share Lessons Learned from Shifting to Work from Home, three IT managers across leading global organizations tell you how they achieved secure, universal WFH while improving remote performance.

Read this eBook and learn:

  • How to keep employees at home without compromising security and management — and without adding hardware.
  • How to overcome remote performance problems regardless of a user’s location
  • How employees can get the same user experience working and collaborating from home that they get at the office
  • How SASE architectures deliver on the old kill-two-birds-for-one-stone adage, addressing remote access and site challenges simultaneously.

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