New Cato Management Application
[30 min Walkthrough]

Welcome to the new Cato Management Application!

Robin Johns, Cato’s Knowledge and Training Director, will walk you through the new, enhanced application. He’ll present the various dashboards and capabilities, alongside showing how to navigate from a bird’s eye view of your network to a single site, user, and even operating system.

You’ll learn how to easily gain insights and actionable data on your network, to ensure you make smart and proactive business decisions.

Among other things, Robin will demonstrate:

  • New features for customizing the application per your specific needs.
  • How to use the Threats dashboard to identify problems, explore events, etc.
  • Why remote users should be treated as sites and monitored accordingly.
  • How to apply security rules with a click, understand risks at a glance.
  • Tips and tricks that will make managing your network so much easier.

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