SASE vs. the Upside Down World of Networking and Security

Before SASE, network and network security services were delivered through multiple point solutions, including legacy appliances. These legacy appliances operated in silos and required countless IT resources and attention to deploy, manage, maintain, and replace. Today, some enterprises are still trapped using these legacy appliances, despite their shortcomings. In the parallel, modern world, SASE offers a single cloud-native network and security service for all networking and security needs.

Read this eBook to discover which dimension you live in. You’ll learn:

  • Why legacy network devices don’t make sense for today’s enterprise IT teams
  • How to ensure high-availability while eliminating the devastating effects of single-points of failure 
  • Why security updates leave you trapped in the upside-down world (and how to get out)
  • Avoid painful, expensive hardware refreshes forever 
  • How to ensure TLS inspection is a given

Can you rescue yourself from the upside-down world of network and network security point solutions and legacy appliances?

Read the eBook to find out!

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