White Paper

The Business Case for Security Transformation with Cato SSE 360

Organizations require an understanding of the positive ROI implications of security transformation with a holistic, cloud-delivered security architecture. A well-formed security transformation strategy provides an objective cost analysis of potential savings gained by retiring traditional security tools. Understanding how a single converged software stack provides both a financial ROI and a technical ROI will help organizations uncover hidden savings to be gained with their transformation projects.

In this Security Transformation Guide, we outline:

  • ROI comparison between Cato SSE 360 and Traditional Security Products
  • The extended cost impact incurred with traditional security products
  • Risk reduction strategies with Cato SSE 360
  • The TCO secrets of the Cato SSE 360 solution

This guide is a must-read if you want to develop a security transformation strategy that aligns with broader business initiatives and maximizes your security resources.

Security Transformation with Cato SSE 360