Cato named a Leader in Forrester’s 2023 Wave for Zero Trust Edge   

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Today, Forrester released The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust Edge Solutions, Q3 2023 Report. Zero Trust Edge (ZTE) is Forrester’s name for SASE. We were delighted to be described as the “poster child” of ZTE and SASE and be named a “Leader” in the report.   

To date, thousands of enterprises with tens of thousands of locations, and millions of users, run on Cato. The maturity, scale, and global footprint of Cato’s SASE platform enables us to serve the most demanding and mission-critical workloads in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, retail, and financial services. Cato’s record-setting multi-gig SASE processing capacity extends the full set of our capabilities to cloud and physical datacenters, campuses, branch locations, and down to a single user or IoT device.   

Cato isn’t just the creator of the SASE category. It is the only pure-play SASE provider that built, from the ground up, the full set of networking and security capabilities delivered as a single, global, cloud service. We created the Cato SASE Cloud eight years ago with the aim to level the complex IT infrastructure playing field. Cato focuses on simplifying, streamlining, and hardening networking and security infrastructure to enable organizations of all sizes to secure and optimize their business regardless of the resources and skills at their disposal. This is, at its core, the promise of SASE.   

Cato has SASE DNA. As Forrester notes, we deliver networking and security as a unified service. The SASE features, however, and the order we deliver them are driven by customer demand and the identification of new opportunities to bring the SASE value to new areas of the IT infrastructure.   

Forrester Reveals 2023 ZTE (SASE) Providers | Get the Report

This “architecture vs. features” trade off makes assessing SASE providers very tricky. The SASE architecture is a radical departure from the legacy architecture of appliances and point solutions and into converged cloud delivered services. SASE incorporates into this new architecture mostly commoditized, and well-defined features. In this new market, it is the architecture that sets SASE providers apart as long as they deliver the features a customer actually needs. Simply put, it is the SASE architecture that drastically improves the IT operating model and enables the promised business outcomes.   

When we work with customers to evaluate SASE, our focus is always on the IT team and the end-user experience. What they observe is the speed at which we deploy our service through zero touch and self-service light edges, the seamless and intuitive nature of our user interface that exposes an elegant underlying design, the global reach of our cloud service, and total lack of need for difficult integrations.   

Cato is the simplicity customers always hoped for because we aren’t a legacy provider that had to play catch up to SASE. All the other co-leaders are appliance companies that were forced to build a cloud service to participate in SASE. They market SASE but deliver physical or virtual appliances placed in someone else’s cloud.   

We are committed to helping customers use SASE to achieve security and networking prowess previously available only to the largest organizations. Cato’s SASE will change the way your IT team supports the business, drives the business, and is perceived by the business.  

Start your journey today, with the true SASE leader.   

Cato. We are SASE.   

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