The Inside Story: How the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team Uses Cato SASE Cloud

Moving at speeds up to 320 Km/h, sleek, aerodynamic Gen 3 Formula E racecars slice through city circuits, combustion engine roar replaced by the high-pitched whine of arguably the most advanced electric motors in the world.

The thrilling spectacle of Formula E may seem too unique for learning practical IT lessons. But behind its pageantry, Formula E is an enterprise security and networking stress test like no other. Like any enterprise, Porsche Motorsport has a tight IT spend with which to meet the significant technical challenges facing enterprises everywhere:

  • Security: An event as high-profile and technology-centric as Formula E with a brand like Porsche Motorsport makes for an enticing cyber target. How do they protect themselves without an extensive security team on-site at each event?
  • Logistics: Formula E races (16 events in season 10) happen globally, often in remote regions with limited infrastructure. With just days to get set up, how do they make it happen so quickly?
  • Networking: The E-Prix often occurs in locations with under-developed telecom infrastructures, and race regulations restrict Formula E teams to just 50 Mbps Internet connections. How do they keep video communications smoothly while passing 400+ GB to the cloud during a race weekend?

Hint: Yes, Cato SASE Cloud provided the answer, but how the IT leadership of the Formula E team tapped Cato is what matters most.

Michael Wokusch, senior IT product manager for Porsche Motorsport, sums it up best: “Cato is the steering wheel for our infrastructure. At a glance, the Cato management console shows me everything I need to know to drive my network and security infrastructure.

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