Unveiling Insights: 2023 SASE Adoption Survey

Are Your Security and Networking Teams Aligned for Success?

Security and networking teams are coming together. But that wasn’t the only insight shared by 1,694 IT leaders across 87 countries in Cato’s 2023 SASE Adoption Survey.
Read the report to learn what management teams are planning for the future of network and security teams, remote work dynamics, the state of SASE adoption by enterprises, and more.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 46% of respondents that work in separate networking and security teams state they have collaboration issues
  • 88% of respondents report security and networking teams are consolidating efforts
  • Remote work’s permanence is undeniable and extending remote access universally remains a hurdle

Read the complete report to find out how enterprises and management teams are planning to solve their collaboration challenges and what they value most in their platforms.

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