What SD-WAN Vendors Won’t Tell You About SD-WAN 

What SD-WAN Vendors Won’t Tell You About SD-WAN

Cut WAN costs, improve performance, increase security — SD-WAN seems to do everything right, but is it too perfect? Find out as we take a hard look at the myths and realities of SD-WAN.

In our next webinar, long-time WAN consultant, Steve Garson, president of SD-WAN Experts, speaks with Dave Greenfield, Cato’s secure networking evangelist, about the truth and fiction of SD-WAN.

Join us for a free-wheeling, no holds barred conversation into SD-WAN’s dirty little secrets including:

  • Why SD-WAN won’t improve your network performance.
  • Why reducing WAN costs isn’t a realistic goal for most SD-WAN deployment — and why that shouldn’t matter.
  • When you need a provider to run your SD-WAN service.
  • What SD-WAN vendors mean when they say “security,” and why that’s still not enough security for your organization.

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