White Paper

Which SSE Can Replace the Physical Datacenter Firewalls?

Migrating a branch firewall to cloud? Pretty straightforward….

But enterprise security teams often find it challenging when contemplating moving the datacenter FW to the cloud. Unlike the branch firewall or UTM, the datacenter FW is responsible for providing visibility and control over inbound and outbound internet traffic, WAN traffic, vLAN traffic, and more.

In this whitepaper, understand all the challenges that come with migrating your datacenter FW to the cloud, in addition to:

  • Why FWaaS can’t meet all the requirements of a physical DC firewall.
  • The SSE solutions that can (and those that can’t) replace physical DC firewalls.
  • The architectural framework that ensures full visibility and control of all traffic: WAN, LAN, vLAN, and internet.
  • Practical advice for migrating away from legacy security architecture towards SSE.

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