Why is Cloud-native SD-WAN Considered a Top Choice Among IP-VPN Alternatives?

IP-VPN can connect multiple locations securely and at a lower cost than MPLS, but what are the downsides that lead to so many enterprises searching for IP-VPN alternatives? Well, there are quite a few.

In our latest eBook, we go through all IP-VPN pitfalls such as appliance sprawl, management complexity, limited visibility and others that eventually drive IT leaders to seek alternatives. We also show how a cloud-native SD-WAN can solve all these IP-VPN shortcomings, and help you build an enterprise network that meets the modern business needs.

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  • The shortcomings of IP-VPN and why MPLS cost reduction isn’t enough
  • Why cloud-native SD-WAN is the best alternative for IP-VPN
  • The converged approach for meeting the modern digital business needs

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