Simple Network Automation

Manual and risky network configuration processes can’t keep up with business needs?

Legacy WAN configuration is notoriously complex and risky. Routing over multiple last-mile connections, adjusting to blackouts and brownouts, configuring WAN optimization appliances and policies — all require highly skilled network engineers. A highly manual process that is error-prone, network changes take a long time to implement potentially causing an outage.

Simple and safe network automation

Cato’s SASE platform delivers converged networking and security to all enterprise edges. This is enabled with the zero-touch Cato Socket edge-SD-WAN device ready to work in just minutes. Network managers specify application prioritization policies and easily troubleshoot network issues. Cato incorporates multiple services into the SD-WAN, route traffic over the best link, and seamlessly adapt to ISP blackouts and brownouts. Edge devices and cloud services are fully managed by Cato, eliminating the need for maintenance, patches, and upgrades.


Fast and Safe Network Changes

Cato dynamically incorporates new services into the SD-WAN to boost capacity and improve resiliency. No need for manual and error-prone equipment reconfiguration.

Simple Management Console

Cato maintains all infrastructure components up to date, and continuously introduces new capabilities, so IT doesn’t have to worry about patches and upgrades.

Self-maintaining Network

Simply connect users to Cato Cloud. Customers are invited to a guided, self-service deployment of the Cato Client for laptops, smartphones, and tablets, including BYOD devices.