15 Cybersecurity Experts To Follow on LinkedIn

Cybersecurity Experts
Cybersecurity Experts
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Our list of experts encompasses professionals and leaders who, together, deliver an overarching understanding of the Cybersecurity industry and the evolving nature of security threats. By following them, you can gain deep insights into cybersecurity’s latest developments and trends, deepen your understanding of the hacker mindset and get a glimpse into future predictions. As global cybersecurity leaders who’ve seen the dark side, they have an interesting and unique perspectives that can provide value to anyone working or interested in cybersecurity. Read on to see who the top 15 cybersecurity experts are that we recommend following on Linkedin. 

1. Brian Krebs



Brian is an investigative reporter and journalist who focuses his work on cybercrime and cybersecurity. He is the author of a daily blog that is hosted on his website KrebsOnSecurity.com. For 14 years, (2005 to 2019), Brian reported for The Washington Post. He also authored more than 1000 blog posts for the Security Fix blog.

The KrebsOnSecurity blog covers a wide variety of topics, from data breaches to security updates to human stories of cyber scams. They are all reported in an informative, yet personalized, manner; almost as if you were listening to a friend tell you a story. The busy comment section adds an inviting and  interactive feeling.

2. Andy Greenberg



Andy Greenberg is a cybersecurity writer for the online media outlet, WIRED, and an author. Andy’s stories cover cybersecurity, privacy, hackers and information freedom. Some of his recent articles cover the war in Ukraine, how data and organizations are hacked to seize political control and recent cyber attacks. Andy has written two books. The first, Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin’s Most Dangerous Hackers, was published in 2019. The second, Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency, will be released in November 2022.

3. Mikko Hypponen



The known security term “if it’s smart, it’s vulnerable” was coined by this security expert and influencer – Mikko Hypponen. Mikko is the Chief Research Officer at WithSecure and the Principal Research Advisor at F-Secure, as well as a researcher, keynote speaker, columnist and author. Mikko’s work covers global security trends and vulnerabilities, privacy and data breaches. Follow him to uncover data-driven analyses of what’s going on in privacy and security, accompanied by his take into what the future of cybersecurity holds.

4. Graham Cluley



Graham is a researcher, blogger, public speaker and podcaster. He talks about computer security threats and works with law enforcement agencies on hacker and cyber gang investigations. Graham’s daily blog, grahamcluley.com, focuses mainly on cyber attacks and scams. Reports are bite-sized and include concise explanations coupled with tips for readers. Graham also hosts the Smashing Security podcast, together with Carole Theriault.

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5. Daniel Miessler



Head of Vulnerability Management and AppSec at Robinhood by day, security writer by night, Daniel creates and delivers security-related content on a regular basis via his website, danielmiessler.com. There, you can find blogs, tutorials and podcasts on information security, often combined with his philosophical and political views. The result is a wealth of candid information, depicting a refreshing and humanistic view of information security.

6. Ido Cohen (Darkfeed)


If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on all things ransomware, Ido’s Twitter page is one to follow. Through quick and concise updates, Ido provides all the necessary information about recent attacks, ransomware gangs, ransomware strains and threats. While you might not get in-depth analyses or intense research reports from Ido, you will stay in the know about news, so you can pick and choose what to dig deeper into on your own time. 

7. Etay Maor


An industry-recognized cybersecurity speaker and a Business Insider “IBM Rockstar Employee”, we’re proud to call Etay one of our own, as Senior Director of Security Strategy at Cato Networks. Etay is an adjunct professor at Boston College, and is part of the Call for Paper (CFP) committees for the RSA Conference and QuBits Conference. In addition to following him on LinkedIn, Etay has a dedicated  Cybersecurity Masterclass series, designed to teach professionals of all levels the best practices they need to protect their enterprise. Watch his Masterclass series on everything from identifying and mitigating deepfake threats, setting up threat hunting and threat intelligence programs, and more.

8. Kevin Mitnick



Convicted-hacker turned security consultant, Kevin is a valuable source of cybersecurity information, especially when it comes to social engineering and system penetration. Kevin now runs a security firm, speaks in the media at cybersecurity events and has authored a number of popular books. Follow him and his blog to (start to) understand the mindset of hackers.

9. Chuck Brooks



Chuck is a thought leader, speaker and writer for cybersecurity who boasts multiple accolades, like “Top Person To Follow on Tech by Linkedin” and “received Presidential Appointments for Executive Service by two US Presidents”. By following him on Linkedin you will be exposed to his articles and speaking occasions, as well as his commentary on current affairs.

10. Dan Lohrmann



Dan is a renowned cybersecurity speaker, author and blogger, as well as an advisor for government organizations. His blog covers technological trends and global changes from a bird’s eye view, while his social channel provides a newsfeed which outlines recent attacks and events from a governmental and geo-political security perspective. Together, they provide a broad overview of cybersecurity needs for the public sector. 

11. Magda Chelly



Dr. Magda Lilia Chelly is a cybersecurity leader, influencer and author who appears regularly in the media. She has authored three books and regularly leverages her public stance to promote social issues, like gender equality in the workplace or WLB. By following her, you’ll devour a  broad range of cybersecurity topics, from remote work requirements to risk management to cybersecurity trends. Most of her thoughts and content are strategic, and can help any leader looking to design or improve their organizational security.

12. Rinki Sethi



Rinki is the CISO at bills.com and was formerly the CISO at Twitter and the Information Security VP at IBM and Palo Alto Networks. As a security leader, she not only builds and manages cybersecurity strategies, but she also shares her thoughts and knowledge. By following her social channels, you will get access to her curated list of cybersecurity resources as well as a peek into the professional and personal life of a CISO.

13. Tyler Cohen Wood



A recognized top cybersecurity influencer, Tyler is a co-founder of a cybersecurity product and a Talk Show host at My Connected Life, which discusses digital health. She is also an author, a writer and a public speaker. Tyler’s work focuses mainly on how to mitigate cyber threats in a digital world, from a unique perspective that combines both personal opinion and  business requirements.

14. Bill Brenner



Bill is an infosec expert who researches, writes and builds communities. He’s also a VP at  CyberRisk Alliance. On his social channels he shares the latest updates about vulnerabilities and security controls. What’s unique about him is that he has a down-to-earth approach to cybersecurity, by understanding that security’s job is not to scare, but to provide practical and feasible assistance to CISOs.

15. Richard Bejtlich



As a security strategist, former computer incident response team lead and martial arts student, Richard definitely knows about defense. In the past, he published a number of books as well as a blog. Today, we recommend following him on Twitter, where he shares his personal (and sometimes tongue-in-cheek commentary) on security-related current affairs.

Who Else Should We Follow?

Working in cybersecurity often feels like playing a never ending game of Whack-A-Mole. Cybersecurity experts, like those listed above, can help security experts shorten the path to determining what they should focus on strategically, which issues they should pay attention to and how to allocate their resources.Are there any other experts who help you prioritize what to work on? Share with us on Linkedin.

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