Cato SASE Cloud: A Two-Time Leader and Outperformer in GigaOm’s Radar Report for Secure Service Access

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In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, enterprises are constantly seeking the most effective solutions to secure their networks and data. GigaOm’s Radar Report for Secure Service Access, GigaOm’s term for SASE, provides a comprehensive look at the industry, and for the second consecutive year, names Cato Networks a “Leader” and “Outperformer.” The recognition points to Cato’s continuous commitment to innovation and improvement.

Cato’s Continued Success and Improvements

GigaOm Radar report is a forward look at the technology of a product looking. Vendor offerings are plotted on multiple axes based on strategy (Feature Play vs. Platform Play) and execution (Maturity vs. Innovation).  The ideal solution would be in the middle of the radar.

This year, Cato’s ranking in GigaOm’s Radar came closest to that ideal position among 22 other companies.  This placement stemmed from improvements in many areas. We improved our ranking in three deployment models from a year ago: multicloud, edge cloud, and hybrid cloud.

In emerging technologies, Cato upgraded our ranking in the edge and open platforms and vendor support. We elevated our ranking for digital experience monitoring and management in the key criteria category. We also improved our security capabilities rating for detection and response from a year ago.

Finally, we also expanded our global PoP presence, strengthening our ability to deliver our security stack and optimized, low-latency network performance to users across the world. This expansion ensures that enterprises can enjoy a seamless and secure network experience regardless of their users’ locations.

Cato SASE Identified as a “Leader” in GigaOm Radar report | Download the Report

GigaOm Sees Cato as an “Exceptional” “Leader”

The GigaOm Radar report found Cato SASE Cloud to be one of the few SSA platforms capable of addressing the networking and security needs of the complete market — large enterprises, MSPs, NSPs, and SMBs.

Cato SASE Cloud was also the only “Leader” ranked “Exceptional” across all evaluation metrics. These are measurements that provide insight into the impact of each product’s features and capabilities on the organization, reflecting fundamental aspects including client support, ecosystem support, and total cost of ownership. More specifically, Cato SASE Cloud was ranked “Exceptional” in its:  

  • Flexibility
  • Interoperability
  • Performance
  • Redundancy
  • Visibility, Monitoring, and Auditing
  • Vendor Support
  • Pricing and TCO
  • Vision and Roadmap

GigaOm also cited Cato for a near-perfect score in nine core networking and network-based security capabilities comprising SSA solutions: CASB, DNS Security, SWG, SD-WAN, ZTNA, NDR, XDR, FWaaS, and SSAaaS.  As the report put it,

 “Developed in-house from the ground up, Cato SASE cloud connects all enterprise network resources—including branch locations, cloud, physical data centers, and the hybrid workforce—within a secure, cloud-native service. Delivering low latency and predictable performance via a global private backbone, Cato SASE cloud optimizes on-premises and cloud connectivity, enabling secure remote access via client and clientless options. In addition, Cato SASE cloud’s single-pass, cloud-native security engine enforces granular corporate access policies across all on-premises and cloud-based applications, protecting users again security breaches and threats.”

For detailed summaries and in-depth analysis of the SSA/SASE market players, download and read the GigaOm SSA report from here.

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