Cato Takes Finalist in RSA Innovation Sandbox

Yishay Yovel
February 21, 2017

We were honored to be nominated as a finalist for 2017 RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest at last week’s show.  The nomination recognized our groundbreaking work in rethinking networking and security. Shlomo presented the Cato value proposition to the judging panel and you can see it yourself here.

As anyone who’s been involved in networking or security knows, the classical network perimeter has long since disappeared. Shlomo elaborated on this point in his presentation. “25 years ago when I founded Checkpoint software there was a clear perimeter,” said Shlomo. “Today, that perimeter is basically gone. Network security appliances and MPLS links were designed for the old network and not today’s scale.”

As such, enterprises lack the agility to spin up new offices quickly or respond to zero-day threats. Our data and resources remain siloed behind different tools, depriving us of the holistic view that could automate and transform the enterprise.

The Cato Cloud transforms the networking and security with a single, secure network connecting the entire enterprise – users in offices and mobile users on the road, applications and data in private datacenters or in the cloud. One environment governed by one set of security and networking policies.

Listen to Shlomo for the summary of the Cato proposition. If you’re ready for even more information you can dive in here

Yishay Yovel

Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer, directs Cato’s global marketing. Yishay was previously the Vice President, Marketing for Trusteer, a financial fraud and advanced malware protection company, acquired by IBM in 2013. Prior to Trusteer, Yishay was Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Imperva. Yishay has over 25 years of experience in marketing and product management for enterprise software solutions in the areas of security, fraud prevention, storage, and mobile computing. Yishay holds a bachelor degree in Law from Tel Aviv University.