Cato Networks Unveils Groundbreaking SASE-based XDR & EPP: Insights from Partners  

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An Exclusive Interview with Art Nichols and Niko O’Hara 

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, Cato Networks introduced the world’s first SASE-based extended detection and response (XDR) and the first SASE-managed endpoint protection platform (EPP).  

This Cato SASE Cloud platform marks a significant milestone in the industry’s journey towards a more secure, converged, and responsive cybersecurity platform. By integrating SASE with XDR and EPP capabilities, this innovative platform represents a pivotal shift in how cybersecurity challenges are addressed, offering a unified and comprehensive approach to threat detection and response for enterprises. 

Our Cato XDR tool, uniquely crafted by analysts for analysts, exemplifies this shift. It enables servicing more customers with fewer analysts, thereby increasing revenue, and its ability to remediate threats faster than other solutions leads to better security and greater satisfaction for the end customer. 

Moreover, our Cato EPP amplifies this value proposition by increasing wallet share and value to the customer simultaneously. It goes beyond mere vendor consolidation, delving deeper into capabilities convergence. 

To understand the impact of this launch on the channel, I spoke with Art Nichols, CTO of Windstream Enterprise, and Niko O’Hara, Senior Director of Engineering of AVANT. 

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Art Nichols: The CTO’s Take on the Transformative Power of SASE-based XDR and SASE-managed EPP 

“The convergence of XDR and EPP into SASE is not just another product; it’s a game-changer for the industry,” Art said. “The innovative integration of these capabilities brings together advanced threat detection, response capabilities, and endpoint security within a unified, cloud-native architecture—revolutionizing the way enterprises protect their networks and data against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.” 

Art highlighted how this integration simplifies the complex landscape of cybersecurity. “Enterprises often struggle with the complexity that comes with managing multiple security tools and platforms. The Cato SASE Cloud platform consolidates these core SASE features into a unified framework, making it easier for businesses to elevate network performance and security, and manage their security posture more effectively.” 

“At Windstream Enterprise, we’ve always focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to enterprises. Cato’s SASE-based XDR and EPP align perfectly with our ethos. It’s about bringing together comprehensive security and advanced network capabilities in one seamless package.” 

Niko O’Hara: The Engineer on the Enhanced Security and Efficiency 

Niko, known for his strategic approach to engineering solutions, shared his insights on the operational benefits.  

“The extended detection and response capabilities integrated within a SASE framework means we are not just preventing threats; we are actively detecting and responding to them in real-time. This proactive approach is critical in today’s dynamic threat landscape.” 

“What sets us apart is partnering with a SASE vendor like Cato Networks, who is not just participating in the market but leading and shaping it. Our vision aligns with companies that are pioneers, not followers.” 

“AVANT has already been at the forefront of adopting technologies that not only enhance security but also improve operational efficiency. The SASE-based XDR and EPP from Cato Networks embodies this principle.” 

A New Era for Channel Partners and Distributors 

Both Art and Niko agree that this innovation heralds a new era for channel partners and distributors. “The channel needs solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also commercially viable,” Art said. “With the Cato SASE-based XDR, enterprises gain a security and networking solution that scales with their needs, offering unparalleled security without the complexity.” 

Niko added, “This launch empowers Technology Services Distributors like AVANT to deliver more value to enterprises. We are moving beyond traditional security models to a more integrated, intelligent approach. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.” 


As the Global Channel Chief of Cato Networks, I am thrilled to witness the enthusiasm and optimism of our channel partners. The introduction of the world’s first SASE-based XDR and SASE-managed EPP is not just a testament to Cato’s innovation but also a reflection of our commitment to our partners and their enterprises. Together, we are setting a new standard in cybersecurity, one that promises enhanced security, efficiency, and scalability. 

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