Embracing a Channel-First Approach in a SASE-based XDR and EPP Era

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Today, we have the privilege of speaking with Frank Rauch, Global Channel Chief of Cato Networks, as he shares his insights on our exciting announcement about Cato introducing the world’s first SASE-based, extended detection and response (XDR) and the first SASE-managed endpoint protection platform (EPP).

Together, Cato XDR and Cato EPP mark the technology industry’s first expansion beyond the original Service Access Service Edge (SASE) scope pioneered by Cato in 2016 and defined by Gartner in 2019.

Q. Could you start by explaining Cato Networks’ channel-first philosophy?

A. At Cato Networks, our commitment to being a channel-first company is unwavering. We believe that our success is intertwined with the success of our channel partners. This approach means we are consistently working to provide our partners with innovative solutions, like Cato XDR and Cato EPP, ensuring they have the tools and support to offer the best services to their customers.

Q2. How do Cato’s latest offerings, Cato XDR and Cato EPP, align with the needs of our channel partners?

A2. Cato XDR and Cato EPP are game changers. They extend the scope of our Cato SASE Cloud platform, which our partners have been successfully selling and deploying. These new offerings enable our partners to deliver comprehensive security solutions, addressing everything from threat prevention to data protection and now, extended threat detection and response. This holistic approach meets the growing demands for integrated security solutions in the market.

Q3. Can you share some insights on how Cato’s SASE Cloud platform has been received by our channel partners?

A3. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our partners, like Art Nichols, CTO of Windstream Enterprise, and Niko O’Hara, Senior Director of Engineering of AVANT, appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of our Cato SASE Cloud platform. They find that the convergence of networking and security into a single, easily manageable solution resonates well with their customers.

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Q4. What makes Cato XDR and Cato EPP in the Cato SASE Cloud platform stand out for our channel partners?

A4. Cato XDR and Cato EPP stand out in the Cato SASE Cloud platform for their cloud-native efficiency, innovative capabilities, and the strategic advantages they offer to our channel partners.

There are several unique benefits for our channel partners:

  • Cloud-Native Advantage: Our cloud-native architecture provides scalability and flexibility, allowing partners to cater to businesses of all sizes efficiently. The unified platform ensures a consistent and integrated experience, reducing compatibility issues and simplifying client management.
  • Rapid Innovation and Deployment: The agility of our cloud-native system enables quick updates and feature rollouts. This means our partners can offer the latest advancements to enterprises promptly, staying ahead in a fast-paced market.
  • Upsell Opportunities: The comprehensive nature of our Cato SASE Cloud platform, including Cato XDR and Cato EPP, opens numerous upselling opportunities for partners. Enterprises can easily expand their service scope within our platform, creating a pathway for partners to enhance their revenue streams.
  • Simplified Management: With an integrated approach, managing security and network operations becomes less complex. This translates to lower support costs and resource requirements for our partners, allowing them to focus on strategic growth areas.
  • Aligning with Business Trends: The cloud-native model supports the shift from capital expenditure-heavy models to more flexible, operational expenditure-based models. This aligns well with the evolving preferences of enterprises and market trends.  

Q5. How does Cato support its channel partners in adopting and implementing these new solutions?

A5. We provide extensive training, marketing, and sales support to ensure our partners are well-equipped to succeed. This includes detailed product information, go-to-market strategies, and hands-on assistance to ensure they can effectively communicate the value proposition of Cato XDR and Cato EPP to their customers.

Q6. What message would you like to convey to current and prospective channel partners around the world?

A6. To our current and prospective partners, we say: Join us in this exciting journey. With Cato Networks, you’re not just offering a product, but a transformative approach to networking and security. Our channel-first philosophy ensures that we are invested in your success, and together, we can achieve remarkable results in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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