Simplifying your Office 365 Deployment with Cato

If your company is like a lot of companies we see, you’re probably using or considering Microsoft Office 365. According to Gartner research, most companies who’ve deployed Office 365 are happy with the application, though a significant number cite networking-related issues as sources of technical problems  

Latency can be too high for some Office 365 applications, particularly with centralized Internet access. Performance is better when going direct to the Internet, but securing the deployment is challenging when Internet access is distributed. Mobile users present their own challenges.

Learn more about the networking challenges facing Office 365 and how you might solve them in our webinar next week at 1:00pm ET, September 13 or 10:00am BST, September 14.

Steve Garson, president of SD-WAN Experts, will bring his real-world experience helping companies build WANs for Office 365. He’ll explain the technical issues facing Office 365 from a networking standpoint and how you might solve them. I’ll discuss how Cato addresses the issues, demo our implementation, and show how Cato can improve Office 365 performance by 10x or more.

After the webinar you will be able to answer questions like:  

  • Why traditional networks are a poor fit for Office 365
  • What components of Office 365 cause problems for networks and why?
  • What are the network architectural choices for Office 365?
  • How do those choice differ in terms of security, performance, reliability, and costs?
  • What’s the Cato approach and how does it align with those choices?

Participants will also be able to access an Office 365 toolbox that Steve’s put together. It’s a nifty collection of Office 365 links and networking utilities he uses in his deployments

You can register for the webinar here.

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