15 Networking Experts You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

The areas of enterprise networking, SD-WAN, and networking security are fast-paced and changing as our enterprises digitally transform. Analysts IDC expect SD-WAN, in particular, to see major growth. This blooming industry is bringing with it experts that cover both the technical and business aspects of using the technologies. They offer advice and know-how into real-world applications and use of the technologies as well as insight into the emerging side of the industry too. Below, we’ve listed 15 of the top experts in enterprise networking and SD-WAN who we recommend following on Linkedin. These are industry leaders that we look to for the latest developments in the world of enterprise networking. These are all experts with strong experience in the field, and when they speak about enterprise networks, it’s always worth hearing what they have to say.

  1. Brad Hedlund
    Brad is the Technical Account Manager for AWS and before that an engineering Architect for VMWare. Brad has extensive hands-on experience and specializes in Cloud networking, data center infrastructure, and network security. Check out an interview with Brad on VMWorld TV.
  2. Greg Ferro
    Greg is one of the co-founders of Packet Pushers which is a weekly podcast about data networking by networking architects. Greg is a veteran of networking and a prolific writer. Sign up for his networking newsletter which gives the latest news on networking infrastructure and great hands-on advice too. Greg stated recently on Twitter:
    “Gonna talk about SD-WAN in 2018. It will be kind of ranty. Ok, maybe a lot ranty.”
  3. Andrew Lerner
    Andrew is a Gartner Analyst specializing in Networking and SD-WAN. He has a blog which he writes in regularly, with a mix of industry insight, technical advisories, and predictions such as ”Predicting SD-WAN Adoption”. In this post he discusses the prediction that by 2019 30% of enterprises will be using SD-WAN. His tweets include:
    In our world, the network API is a change request ticket”
  4. Matt Simmons
    Matt runs the blog “Standalone Sys-Admin” where has offers a mix of technical how to’s and more personal views such as “Stop hating your work”. Matt also is the Linux Systems Administrator for SpaceX where he combines his love of science and engineering. Matt has a Github repository where he hosts projects and experiments that may be helpful to networking professionals.
  5. Erik Fritzler
    Erik’s specialties include SD-WAN, Network Design, and Engineering and IT Security. In a recent LinkedIn article on “Achieving a Lean Branch with SDWAN and Cloud Security Services” he talks about the use of SD-WAN when optimizing security. Erik also has a column at Network World where he writes on networking technologies such as SD-WAN and how they can be embraced by the C-Suite.
  6. Steve Garson
    Steve founded the global consultancy firm SD-Wan Experts who offer expert consultation on networking technologies like SD-WAN as well as IT security. Steve has a column at Network World where he offers his expert advice. One of his latest articles looks at the importance of choosing the right ISP for your SD-WAN, focussing in particular on the the quality of their Internet connections.
  7. Ashish Nadkarni
    Ashish is the Program Director, Computing Platforms, for analysts IDC. He spends his time doing research into networking infrastructure, storage systems, and Cloud data centers.  Ashish uses his Twitter feed to keep us up to date with the networking world. Ashish was a speaker at the 2017 IDC at VMworld, where he spoke on “Digital Transformation in the as-a-Service Era”.
  8. Simon Wardley
    Simon works across a number of areas and on projects such as Hyperledger and OpenForum Europe. He also advises corporations and governments alike on how to successfully deliver technology. Check out Simon’s talk at GOTO 2017 on “Why the Fuss about Serverless”.
  9. Ben Hendrick
    Ben is a Global Executive & IBM Security Partner as well as an NTSC Advisory Board member with over 25 years experience in the tech industry. Ben occasionally writes for Security Intelligence magazine where his article on “Secure SD-WAN: The First Step Toward Zero Trust Security” looks at how to apply the model of zero-trust in security to SD-WAN.
  10. Russ White
    Russ White is a member of LinkedIn’s Infrastructure team with 25 years of networking experience. Russ publishes his thoughts on networking on his blog and has also published a number of books on network architecture. In a recent blog post, he discusses how the fast pace of network innovation is causing uneducated customers to invest in overly complex networking solutions.
  11. Marcel Koenig
    Marcel founded Ancoma which is an innovation and consulting network focusing on business infrastructures. Marcel has a number of specialty areas including ICT, Information technology and telecommunications. He has immense business experience across sectors such as telecoms. Marcel will be speaking at WAN Summit in London in October 2018.
  12. Simon Lawrence
    Simon works for New York Mellon Bank as Vice President of Unified Communications Engineering and leads the EMEA team for Network Engineering. Simon is exploring how SD-WAN could benefit Mellon bank and will be talking at the WAN Summit in London later this year.
  13. Matt Conran
    Matt is a cloud and network specialist with over 15 years of networking experience. Matt currently works as an independent contractor and publishes a blog with helpful explainer videos and posts on a variety of networking topics including SD-WAN, the Internet of Things, and Cloud security.
  14. Tom Hollingsworth
    Tom is a networking analyst at Foskett Services and the creator of networkingnerd.net where he offers an irreverent take on networking news and trends.  In a recent post on wireless networks, Tom explains why so many customers aren’t willing to pay for quality wireless and how this leads to mediocre service for consumers.
  15. Robin Harris
    Robin is a storage analyst, consultant and blogger. Robin writers for ZDNet at ‘Storage Bits’ where he focuses on the SME marketplace. His ‘look back’ article for 2017 “The best emerging storage tech of 2017” looks at the best storage technologies to come out of 2017.

As networking technologies evolve, keeping up with the changes is an ongoing task for networking professionals. Experts like our 15 above can help you do that by passing on their knowledge, industry insight, and hands-on experience in blogs, at shows, and on Twitter.

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