Cato Networks extends Infovista Application-Aware SD-WAN with a Global Cloud Network

September 24th, 2017

Today, Infovista announced the integration of its Ipanema Application-Aware SD-WAN with Cato Cloud. With the integrated offering, Infovista extends its enterprise-class SD-WAN solution that can:

  • Replace global MPLS implementations with an affordable, global SLA-backed backbone
  • Eliminate branch appliances with cloud-based security to, and
  • Connect cloud resources and mobile users to the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN).

Existing Infovista customers will require no new equipment or branch deployments to benefit from Cato Cloud.

Cato extends global connectivity options for customers to include Cato’s SLA-backed backbone. Using tier-1 global IP transit providers and proprietary software that optimizes global routing and mitigates packet loss, Cato provides MPLS-like latency and consistency at an affordable price. Cato eliminates the dependency on MPLS as the only predictable transport that can support latency- and loss-sensitive applications. With Infovista and Cato, enterprise IT organizations can now apply application-aware routing policies to the right mix of Cato’s SLA-backed backbone, carrier MPLS, and the public Internet.

As a converged networking and security platform, Cato Cloud enables secure direct Internet access at branch locations. Opening up the WAN to the Internet requires a corresponding  investment in network security to protect users against Internet borne threats, such as malware and phishing. As Infovista SD-WAN directs application traffic to Internet destinations through the Cato Cloud, traffic is secured with built-in enterprise-grade network security services. These include a next generation firewall (NGFW), secure web gateway (SWG), anti-malware and intrusion prevention system (IPS) without the need to deploy additional security appliances or cloud-based security services.

Lastly, Cato easily integrates cloud datacenters in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform into the WAN. Cato’s global WAN optimization and enables optimal and secure cloud access for any user according to their security permissions. Cloud applications, such as Office 365, see a 10x-30x improvement in throughput when operating across Cato Cloud instead of the public internet. This is a result of Cato’s global footprint that is closely aligned with the datacenter footprint of key cloud platforms. Outside the office, mobile users use Cato Clients to connect to the Cato Cloud with multifactor authentication. Once connected, they benefit from Cato Cloud optimized access to any resource, on-premise and in the cloud.

This new offering accelerates and maximizes the impact of your WAN transformation project – today.