Cato SASE Cloud Named “Leader” and “Outperformer” in GigaOm SSA Radar Report

August 23rd, 2022

Comprehensive review of cloud networking and security solutions finds Cato SASE Cloud to be the only platform Exceptional in nearly all network-security capabilities

Tel Aviv, Israel – July 19, 2022 — Cato Networks, provider of the world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform, announced today that it was named as a “Leader” and “Outperformer” by GigaOm in the analyst firm’s Radar Report for Secure Service Access (SSA), GigaOm’s term for SASE/SSE.  The report’s comprehensive review evaluates the degree to which suppliers converge security and networking into a single, global platform. Cato is the only SASE provider to be ranked an SSA “Leader” and an “Outperformer” with perfect delivery of SD-WAN as well as the core network-based security capabilities – Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA).  

“Since publishing the 2021 Radar for Service Access Solutions [GigaOm’s prior term for SSA], Cato Networks has moved from being a Challenger to a Leader and an Outperformer due to its innovation and execution against its roadmap,” writes GigaOm analyst and report author, Ivan McPhee. 

 “In the world of networking and securing the enterprise, the platform is critical. It’s the convergence of capabilities into a global platform that allows for the radical simplicity and operational efficiency promised by SASE and SSA. GigaOm’s thorough research underscore this architectural prerequisite and we’re honored to be named a Leader and Outperformer in the SSA Radar Report,” says Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks.  

Cato Networks: The Prototypical SASE/SSA Platform 

The report found Cato SASE Cloud to be one of the few SSA platforms capable of addressing the networking and security needs for large enterprises, MSPs, and SMEs.   

The Cato SASE Cloud provides outstanding enterprise-grade network performance and predictability worldwide by connecting sites, remote users, and cloud resources across the optimized Cato Global Private Backbone. Once connected, the Cato SSE 360 pillar of Cato SASE Cloud enforces granular corporate access policies on all applications — on-premises and in the cloud – and across all ports and protocols, protecting users against threats, and preventing sensitive data loss.   

Of GigaOm’s key SSA Criteria, the Cato SASE Cloud was the only Leader to be ranked Exceptional in seven of eight categories:  

  • Defense in Depth 
  • Identity-Based Access 
  • Dynamic Segmentation 
  • Unified Threat Management 
  • ML-Powered Security 
  • Autonomous Network Security 
  • Integrated Solution 

And the company found a similarly near-perfect score when it came to the core networking and network-based security capabilities comprising SSA solutions: SD-WAN, FWaaS, SWG, CASB, ZTNA, and NDR.  

“Founded in 2015, Cato Networks was one of the first vendors to launch a global cloud-native service converging SD-WAN and security as a service,” says the report. “Developed in-house from the ground up, Cato SASE Cloud connects all enterprise network resources—including branch locations, cloud and physical data centers, and the hybrid workforce—within a secure, cloud-native service. Delivering low latency and predictable performance via a global private backbone” 

Delivering a Converged Networking and Security Platform Challenges the Industry

Since SASE’s inception, analysts have pointed to the importance of having one, converged cloud platform connecting and securing the complete enterprise — sites, users, and cloud resources. It’s this radical simplicity that enables the agility, cost savings, visibility, improved security, and operational improvements associated with SASE/SSA. 

But the complexity of converging networking and security capabilities to form such a platform has long challenged legacy technology and service providers. As GigaOm notes, “The SSA landscape is becoming increasingly blurred with incumbent vendors repackaging and repositioning legacy products as integrated platforms, acquiring new technologies, or making strategic alliances to fill the gaps in their portfolios.” 

Enterprises need not only consider functionality claimed by SSA vendors but the convergence of those capabilities. Says GigaOm, “When talking to vendors, verify the level of integration between individual SSA capabilities. Ensure that their vision is aligned with yours and their roadmap includes the features and integration you need.” 

For more information about SSA platforms and analysis of the vendor solutions, read the blog here or download the report here.

The GigaOm Radar plots solutions across concentric rings (closer to the center the better), mapping them on two axes—Maturity versus Innovation and Feature Play versus Platform Play—while the length of the arrow indicates the predicted evolution of the solution over the coming 12 to 18 months.

About Cato Networks 

Cato provides the world’s most robust single-vendor SASE platform, converging Cato SD-WAN and a cloud-native security service edge, Cato SSE 360, into a global cloud service. Cato SASE Cloud optimizes and secures application access for all users and locations everywhere. Using Cato, customers easily replace costly and rigid legacy MPLS with modern network architecture based on SD-WAN, secure and optimize a hybrid workforce working from anywhere, and enable seamless cloud migration. Cato enforces granular access policies, protects users against threats, and prevents sensitive data loss, all easily managed from a single pane of glass. With Cato, your business is ready for whatever’s next. 

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