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Who Should Get SASE Certified? Innovative IT professionals, network administrators, and security architects working in a modern digital business of any kind, size, and location.

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  • Gartner SASE: Inspired by Cato
  • SASE: The Architecture for the New Enterprise Perimeters
  • Secure-Access-Service-Edge-SASE-For-Dummies-Cato-Networks-Special-Edition
  • Integrate Point Solutions with Sweat and Tears or Choose the SASE Way
  • A Practical Guide to SASE Migration
  • Why I Hate Multivendor SASE
  • The disadvantages of VPNs for Enterprises
  • SASE Convergence or Integration? It’s Not the Same Thing
  • From MPLS to SD-WAN to SASE: An Evolution of Enterprise Networking
  • What is not SASE?
  • The SASE Expert - Level 1 exam

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Subject SASE essentials
Language English
Time Commitment 3-5 hours
Pace Self-paced learning
Difficulty Introductory

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How to Get SASE Certified? 

To achieve Cato’s certification, you need to apply to the Cato SASE course and pass the certification exam with a minimum score of 85%. We assume you have some knowledge of cloud, networking and security. You don’t need any previous knowledge of SASE to obtain the certification.

Why Get SASE Certified? 

Becoming SASE Certified may not be as easy as ABC, but it’s definitely worthwhile. With the realization that the current network architecture is simply inadequate to support the needs of the modern business, Gartner introduced SASE in 2019, predicting that “by 2024, at least 40% of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE, up from less than 1% at year-end 2018.” And although SASE is relatively new, COVID-19 has further expedited its adoption due to the compelling need for business continuity strategies that address the explosion of remote access. In fact, according to Gartner, since June 2020 “SASE has been adopted by more than 40% of global remote workers. 

In light of Gartner’s market estimations, a SASE certification is nice-to-have; but mostly it’s becoming a must-have, for demonstrating networking and security skills that are relevant and aligned with the industry’s direction.   

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Which SASE Training Certification is Best? 

As the first true SASE platform provider, we respectfully recommend getting SASE Certified by Cato. And, to back this up, here’s some background: 

Gartner defined four core requirements for a true SASE platform: Convergence, cloud-native, globally distributed, and support for all edges. Cato Cloud is the first complete implementation of the SASE architecture, which fits perfectly into Gartner’s SASE framework: 


We deliver converged network and security capabilities through a single software stack.


We built a cloud-first service architecture that places all possible functionalities in the cloud.

Globally distributed

We provide the SASE service via a global private backbone of ~60+ global PoPs.

Support for all edges

We connect all enterprise edges (datacenters, cloud, mobile) to a unified, centrally managed SASE service.

In 2019 Gartner included SASE for the first time in its Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking. In its recent 2020 reports, Gartner presented SASE in both the Hype Cycle for Network Security and Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking. Cato was listed as a sample vendor for SASE in all these reports. 

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