InfoSecurity Europe: How to Build a Hybrid Cloud

Considering or struggling with building a hybrid cloud? We might have the answer. At the upcoming InfoSecurity show in London, our co-founder and CTO, Gur Shatz, will provide practical tips on how to build and secure hybrid clouds at his session “Hybrid Cloud Secure Network Integration: Tips and Techniques.”

The hybrid cloud lets IT professionals take advantage of cloud economics, but also creates numerous challenges. The inconsistency between the tools for managing and securing physical and cloud datacenters eliminates the “single pane-of-glass” for our networks. This lack of visibility creates problems of control in many areas.  For the user, applications may become less responsive when running in the cloud. Accessing those applications also becomes more frustrating. Users must often connect and disconnect to use applications in different datacenters.

Gur will explore the underlying issues complicating hybrid cloud deployments. He’ll evaluate the different solutions and tradeoffs. He’ll also provide insights into how attendees can better evaluate the security mechanisms in AWS and Azure, commercial firewall products, and emerging options.

During the session, attendees can expect to better understand:

  • the challenges involved in securing and building a hybrid data center
  • how to interconnect all critical elements, including physical locations and mobile users
  • the tools and capabilities available for building a secure, hybrid cloud datacenter
  • the pros and cons of the various technologies and the resulting network topologies

As Cato’s CTO, Gur was instrumental in building out the Cato Cloud, Cato’s global network. The Cato Cloud  connects physical datacenters and cloud datacenters, providing seamless access to users in company locations and mobile users. He’ll share insights from his extensive practical experience interconnecting public cloud with private datacenters in his talk.

The presentation will take place on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 12:40 pm GMT. You can learn more about the event here.  If you miss the talk or would like meet the Cato team, book a meeting with us or swing by booth, M100.