Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Cato SWG (Secure Web Gateway) enhances security by providing an additional layer of protection from Internet threats, enforcing corporate standards for web site access based on their content and risk categorizations.

Secure Web Gateway Capabilities

Instant Protection with 80+ Built-in Categories and Pre-defined Security Policies

Cato SWG provides instant value with ready-to-use policies that align with internet security best practices. Once enabled, the policies are immediately and uniformly enforced on the entire enterprise. Cato SWG also includes 80+ categories of web site classifications that enable admins to easily adhere to enterprise compliance requirements that govern access to sensitive or inappropriate content. As needed, policies can be refined using granular attributes such as user identity, location and device posture. And, for each policy, the admin can choose the desired action such as Allow, Block and Prompt.

Defending Against Phishing and Malware Delivery Sites

Blocking malicious, compromised, phishing, and parked domain categories reduces the overall exposure of users to web-borne threats. Cato maintains the up-to-date blacklist of malicious domains across a constantly changing domain landscape to ensure optimal security posture. Access attempts to malicious sites can be logged for record keeping, further analysis, prioritization of security training and identification of repeating offenders.

Preventing Policy Circumvention Through Search Engines

Search engines often allow users to view images and preview video content without having to leave the search engine’s domain, thus bypassing organizational compliance policies. Cato’s SWG allows admins to enforce Safe Search for popular search engines as well as content restrictions for YouTube, preventing circumvention of policy by users. This capability can be enabled in just a few clicks, providing increased protection for all users and locations with minimal effort.

Optimizing End-user Experience with Customizable Notifications

Cato SWG provides clear notification to users when they are prevented or delayed from accessing a website and allows them to request an exception or report an error. Administrators can fully customize Cato’s block and prompt pages to incorporate the enterprise brand and specific notification text provided to users including IT contact information and the process for re-categorization requests.

Total Visibility with Logging and Reporting for SWG Events

All event data is automatically retained and normalized into Cato’s Data Lake and can be queried using a built-in events engine with SIEM-like functionality. Administrators can select from a variety of pre-defined queries that cover common use cases or quickly build custom queries by selecting the desired filters. PDF reports can also be generated providing an easy to document for auditing or executive visibility purposes.

Secure Web Gateway Video Demo

Cato's SWG comes pre-configured with policies that align to security best practices for most organizations. Customers can customize their policies, notification pages and content restrictions leveraging detailed event information for complete confidence.

The Strategic Benefits of a True SASE Platform

Architected from the ground up as a true cloud-native SASE platform, all Cato's security capabilities, today and in the future, leverage the global distribution, massive scalability, advanced resiliency, autonomous life cycle management, and consistent management model of the Cato platform.

Consistent Policy

Cato extends all security capabilities globally to deliver consistent policy enforcement everywhere and to everyone, from the largest datacenters and down to a single user device.

Scalable and Resilient Protection

Cato scales to inspect multi-gig traffic streams with full TLS decryption and across all security capabilities, and can automatically recover from service component failures to ensure continuous security protection.

Autonomous Life Cycle Management

Cato ensures the SASE cloud platform maintains optimal security posture, 99.999% service availability, and low-latency security processing for all users and locations without any customer involvement.

Single Pane of Glass

Cato provides a single pane of glass to consistently manage all security and networking capabilities including configuration, analytics, troubleshooting, and incident detection and response. Unified management model eases new capabilities adoption by IT and the business.

Recognized as a SASE Pioneer and Leader by Industry Analysts

Cato is the category creator of SASE. We didn't invent the name, but SASE is Cato's founding vision. Since 2015 we are continuously evolving and perfecting the only true SASE platform. Cato is fully committed to deliver on the promise of SASE: making secure and optimized access effortlessly available for everyone and everywhere.

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