Cato Graduates 600th SASE Expert From its SASE Certification Program

March 30th, 2021

The SASE Expert program is the first and the only certification program for training channel partners and enterprises in the SASE revolution

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 30, 2021 — Cato Networks, the provider of the world’s first SASE platform, announced today that more than 600 business and technical professionals have graduated from its SASE Expert certification program. This milestone reflects SASE’s strong adoption, and the need for quality education as the technology emerges from industry buzzword to de facto industry standard for network transformation.

“While there has been tremendous growth in the SASE market, there has also been a lack of understanding of what it means to be a SASE platform,” said Eyal Webber-Zvik, vice president of product marketing at Cato Networks. “As a leader in SASE, we felt a responsibility to educate IT leaders on the fundamentals of SASE architecture, as well as address the benefits for channel partners and enterprises of all sizes.”

Cato Certification Addresses Market Confusion Identified by Gartner

Since SASE’s introduction, Gartner has cautioned about the misinformation surrounding the architecture. As Gartner noted in its Hype Cycle for Network Security, 2020 report: “There will be a great deal of slideware and marketecture, especially from incumbents that are ill-prepared for the cloud-based delivery as a service model and the investments required for distributed PoPs. This is a case where software architecture and implementation matters.”*

Both SASE and legacy networks deliver optimized connectivity and a rich combination of security services. So, if the features are comparable, what then is the innovation of SASE? As the quote indicates, it’s in SASE’s delivery of those capabilities. SASE eliminates the legacy appliances that have made IT so complex. Instead, SASE converges networking and security processing into a global cloud-native platform. As cloud services, SASE architectures are easier to operate, save money, reduce risk, and improve IT agility.

The course content explores those architectural differences and provides enterprises and partners with a solid basis for understanding the SASE revolution. Curriculum highlights include:

  • A detailed explanation of why enterprises need SASE today
  • A close look at how Gartner’s explains the SASE architecture
  • How SASE compares with legacy technologies
  • Benefits and drawbacks of SASE for channel partners and enterprises
  • What constitutes a true SASE platform

“I found the course to be very instructive. I went into it thinking that “SASE” was just the latest industry buzzword for technology we’ve had all along, but I gained an appreciation for just how much of a breakthrough concept it really is – done correctly. I give the course 4.5 stars,” says Dan Muchnok, vice president and COO at Opticom Consulting.

Certification is Suitable for Channel Partners and Enterprises of all Sizes

Cato’s certification program is for IT leaders of all levels. Recent graduates include enterprise network engineers, C-level executives, and channel partners looking to grasp SASE fundamentals.

“This is as good of a SASE 101 as I could imagine,” says Erik Bishop, managing partner at Recon. “It’s a very good baseline and certainly enough content to hold a high-level conversation once completed. Kudos to your team for putting this together. ”

“Very positive training,” says Tom Kusiak, regional sales director of Mid-Atlantic for Dominion Security Partners, LLC, “Thanks to this course, I have a strong foundation on the advantages and rationale for SASE.”

Available online for free, participants take the courses at their own pace from anywhere in the world.  To learn more about the SASE Expert certification program, visit


*Gartner, “Hype Cycle for Network Security, 2020,” Pete Shoard

About Cato Networks

Cato is the world’s first SASE platform, converging  SD-WAN, network security, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) into a global, cloud-native service. Cato optimizes and secures application access for all users and locations. Using Cato Cloud, customers easily migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN, optimize connectivity to on-premises and cloud applications, enable secure branch Internet access everywhere, seamlessly integrate cloud datacenters into the network, and connect mobile users with Cato SDP client and clientless access options. With Cato, the network, and your business, are  ready for whatever’s next. To learn more about how Cato can help you, visit