Cato MDR and Zero-Day Threat Prevention: Meet Our Two Newest Security Offerings

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Today we announced two significant additions to Cato Security Services. Cato Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR) offloads the resource-intensive and skill-dependent process of detecting compromised endpoints onto Cato. A new partnership with SentinelOne, the leading provider of autonomous endpoint protection solutions, brings zero-day threat prevention to Cato’s cloud-based network protection. Together with the rest of our security services, Cato brings a comprehensive suite of security services for protecting the enterprise from Internet-borne threats.

“Cato MDR has already discovered several pieces of malware missed by our antivirus system and we removed them more quickly because of Cato,” says Andrew Thomson, director of IT systems and services at BioIVT, a provider of biological products to life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. BioIVT relies on Cato to connect and secure its global network.

Cato MDR Squashes Malware Dwell Time

Cato MDR is a fully managed service that offloads the detection of compromised endpoints onto Cato’s security operation center (SOC) team. Cato MDR includes:

  • Automated threat hunting — machine learning algorithms look for anomalies across billions of flows in Cato’s data warehouse and correlate them with threat intelligence sources and complex heuristics. This process produces a small number of suspicious events for further analysis.
  • Expert threat verification — Cato security researchers review flagged endpoints and assess the validity and severity of the risk, only alerting on actual threats. Cato relieves customers from handling the flood of false-positives that suck precious IT resources.
  • Threat containment — Verified live threats can be contained automatically by blocking C&C domains and IP addresses, or disconnecting compromised machines or users from the network.
  • Guided remediation — The Cato SOC advises on the risk’s threat level, recommended remediation, and follows up until the threat is eliminated.

Aside from the ongoing alerts of discovered threats, Cato MDR customers also receive a monthly report on the month’s activity. To see one such report (identifying information has been removed), click here.

monthly audit report
In addition to instant alerts, Cato MDR includes a monthly audit report of all incidents.

Zero-Day Threat Prevention with SentinelOne

Cato is also announcing next-gen threat prevention capabilities from SentinelOne. The company’s industry-leading, AI-based, endpoint protection solution identifies threats without signatures, making SentinelOne particularly effective at stopping zero-day malware.

Cato uniquely implemented the SentinelOne threat prevention engine as a network-level defense. SentinelOne will run in Cato’s PoPs globally, analyzing files in transit from the Internet or other Cato-connected resources, such as sites and mobile users. As such, Cato prevents zero-day malware from ever reaching targeted endpoints or moving laterally across the WAN.

“Cato’s network-based implementation of SentinelOne’s Nexus SDK will accelerate the deployment of next-gen threat prevention capabilities across customer networks of all sizes,” says Tomer Weingarten, CEO and Co-Founder, SentinelOne. “In today’s hyper-connected world, security is a core and inseparable tenant of networking. Partnering with Cato provides a robust, network-based, threat prevention solution that’s seamless, smart, and easy to deliver across the globe.”

Comprehensive Security Built Into the Network — Everywhere

If comprehensive protection against network-based attacks ever seemed too complicated to assess, too difficult to implement, or too expensive to deploy — Cato Security Services are for you. Once sites, mobile users, or cloud resources across the globe connect to Cato they’re protected from Internet-borne threats.

“We thought updating our security architecture was going to require running around to different vendors, piecing together a solution, and going through all of the deployment and management pains. So, when we found out that Cato not only delivered a global network but also built-in security services and now MDR, we were extremely excited. It was a huge help,” says Thomson.

To learn more about Cato security services click here.

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