Total Economic Impact™Study: Cato Delivers 246% ROI and $4.33 Million NPV

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Cato Networks was founded with a vision to deliver the next generation of networking and network security through a cloud–native architecture that eliminates the complexity, costs, and risks associated with legacy IT approaches. We aim to rapidly deploy new capabilities and maintain a security posture, without any effort from the IT teams.
The question is – are we living up to our goals?
To help us and our potential customers gauge the potential impact and ROI of Cato Networks, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study. To be completely honest, even we were blown away by the success these companies achieved through the Cato SASE Cloud.
The study shows how Cato Networks is helping reduce costs, eliminate overhead, retire old systems, enhance security, improve performance and create higher employee morale.
Some of the key findings Forrester found, were that by using Cato, a composite organization can enjoy:

  • 246% ROI
  • $4.33 million NPV
  • Payback in less than 6 months
  • $3.8 million saved on reduced operation and maintenance
  • Almost $44,000 saved on reduced time to configure Cato on new sites
  • $2.2 million saved by retiring systems that Cato replaces
  • Reduced time and transit cost
  • Security consistency
  • And more

This matters because today organizations are struggling with managing security and network services. They have dedicated teams for VPN, internet and WAN, and more, which need to individually manage updates at each network site. This is time-consuming and costly. In the long run, this prevents the business from transforming digitally, maintaining a competitive advantage and delivering the best services they can to their customers.
Let’s dive into some more of these key findings.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Cato Networks | Read The Full Report

Reduced Operation and Maintenance Costs

The study revealed that Cato Networks enables saving $3.8 million in reduced operation and maintenance costs over three years. This objective is extremely important for multiple organization stakeholders, as network and security engineers spend a lot of time managing systems instead of optimizing them.

“Honestly, I was shocked to see how easy it was to set up and maintain an SD-WAN solution based on the whole Cato dashboard. Now there’s a saying that with [the previous solution], you need 10 engineers to set it up and 20 engineers to keep it running. With Cato, this all went away. It’s in the dashboard. Within the hour, you understand the idea behind it and then you can just do it.”

– IT manager, motor vehicle parts manufacturer

Reduced Configuration Time

With companies scaling and requiring flexibility to connect employees and customers from anywhere, setup and configuration time has become an important consideration when choosing a network and security solution. According to the study, Cato Network saves nearly $44,000 and a huge number of manual hours over three years.

“The other thing that we were driving towards was, because we do mergers, because we do a lot of office moves, [because] we go into different geographies, I wanted an ‘office in a box,’ fire- and-forget sort of management plane separation approach where my team could do a lot with just shipping a box out [and] having a reasonably intelligent individual follow a diagram, plug it in, have it light up in a management portal, and we’re in business.”

– Director of technology, advisory, tax and assurance

Savings From Retired Systems

Expensive hardware is a huge pain for IT and security teams. It requires maintenance, upgrades, fixes and integrations with other platforms. By migrating to SASE and retiring old systems, organizations can save $2.2 million dollars with Cato, over three years.

“We don’t need to go invest in those other solutions because the Cato transport with the intelligence and the security layer does everything we need it to do.”

– Director of technology, advisory, tax and assurance

Additional Benefits

According to the report, Cato Networks also provides additional, unquantifiable benefits, like:

  • Reduced time and transit costs -Saving time and money transporting the equipment to remote sites.
  • Increased security posture – By ensuring the consistency of security rule sets across the organization.
  • Better application performance – Enabling practitioners to get their work done faster.
  • Higher employee morale – According to a director of technology, advisory, tax and assurance: “I know that if I tried to roll it back in my firm, [the employees] would revolt because of the speed it gets. My engineers love it because you ship it, we’ll configure it, it shows up, and we’re off to the races.”
  • Flexibility – The ability to add new mobile users without the need to add infrastructure and to deploy sites quickly.

Read the Complete Report

You’re welcome to read the complete report to dive deeper into how businesses can digitally transform with Cato Networks. It has all the financial information, more quotes and use cases, and a breakdown of costs and savings to help you gain a more in-depth understanding of Cato Network’s business impact. Read the complete TEI report.

To speak with an expert about how you can achieve such ROI in your company, contact us.

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