The Complete Checklist for True SASE Platforms

Many vendors have jumped on the SASE bandwagon but does this guarantee they deliver a true SASE platform? Nope. It means they provide various capabilities, but not the SASE underlying infrastructure – convergence of network and security into a single cloud service. The value of SASE however isn’t about capabilities per se, rather it’s about how these capabilities are delivered to support your business today and in the future.

How can you tell the difference between real and fake SASE? Glad you asked. Our new eBook “The Complete Checklist for True SASE Platforms” highlights the attributes of a true SASE architecture, and explains why they’re essential to the transformational power of SASE.

The eBook also discusses core qualities of SASE:

  • Single pass engine that optimizes and secures all traffic
  • Global private backbone that handles the traffic between the PoPs
  • Security capabilities delivered from the cloud with unified policy
  • One management application for all network and security functions

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