5 IT Projects to Save Money and Improve Your Productivity

With so many day-to-day tasks, finding the time for strategic initiatives can be, well, challenging. Perhaps we can help.

In speaking with hundreds of IT executives like yourself, here’s a list of five IT projects that are on your peer’s hit lists.

Get the full details to help you reduce IT costs by tweaking your network, improving agility by cloudifying your infrastructure and increasing productivity with SaaS migration.

  • Move from MPLS to SD-WAN to reduce costs without compromising on performance.
  • Implement cloud access optimization to improve hybrid-cloud and multicloud user experience.
  • Replace security appliances with security services to improve security posture and reduce costs.
  • Adopt controlled cloud access to ensure cloud usage doesn’t compromise security and privacy.
  • Switch from UC to UCaaS and reduce opex, improve uptime, and get users communicating instantly.

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