An Inside Look: Life Before and After Deploying a SASE Service

For Ben De Laat, Head of IT Security at BrandLoyalty, life wasn’t so simple with his existing MPLS circuits. With 16, global offices, the network was too complex, and it proved complicated to provide a secure, robust environment for all work from home users, that delivered the same capabilities as in office.

Learn more about the networking and security challenges BrandLoyalty faced, their Cato Networks SASE selection process, deployment and why “they came to love the SASE model.”
In our newest eBook, you’ll also learn:

  • When’s the best time to migrate to a SASE service
  • How to get your C-level on board with your SASE deployment
  • What does life look like “after SASE”: What changes can you expect in your networking and security architecture, and user experience?
  • And more.

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