RACI for SASE: Maximizing Collaboration and Project Efficiency

This eBook explores how the RACI matrix supports critical collaboration in single-vendor SASE selection projects. It offers actionable insights and strategies for leveraging this tool to ensure seamless teamwork, define stakeholder roles, and overcome challenges for project success.

  • How a collaborative approach supports better vendor selection outcomes
  • Building a RACI matrix framework for your project
  • Defining clear stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • A comprehensive task list tailored for single-vendor SASE selection
  • Potential RACI challenges and pitfalls to avoid

SUMMARY: Collaboration between network and IT security teams is crucial in SASE vendor selection projects. Shared knowledge and insights empower teams to tackle network security challenges to build resilient, future-proof IT infrastructures that meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

According to Gartner, by 2025, single-vendor SASE will contribute to one third of all new SASE deployments. This signals a long-term security strategy commitment and a need for multiple stakeholders across the IT organization, and the C-suite, to work together in decision-making.

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