Network security was once simple

Once upon a time the network was simple. We had one network, with a clear perimeter, connecting users with on-premise enterprise applications. Thus, securing this network was also simple.


Then the network perimeter dissolved

Cloud, mobility and IoT emerged. Data and applications migrated to the Cloud. Anywhere access and BYOD became a standard. The perimeter dissolved and the network’s simple form was broken.

network-broken network-broken

And security became complex

Securing the perimeter-less network became a very complex task, involving tedious maintenance of appliance sprawl, unnatural topologies, and numerous policies.

Introducing Cato's Cloud-based Secure Network

Cato connects your branch locations, mobile users, physical and Cloud infrastructure into a secure and optimized global network in the Cloud.

One Network, protected by One Security stack and enforcing One Policy.

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Where Can Cato Networks Help?

High Performance,
Affordable WAN

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Secure Branch,
No Backhaul

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Mobile Workforce
Secure Cloud Access

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Hybrid Cloud
Network Integration

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