Episode 2.

Private Cloud + Public Cloud: Where Do We Stand With the Great Migration of Services?

Episode Overview

One of the most mysterious and yet popular buzzwords in IT today is cloud-computing or, simply “the cloud.”
But what is the cloud actually? How does its architecture affect the way your organization can grow? Should all your applications run on a public or a private cloud or both?

This episode, with Dane Jackson, Cato Networks, Senior Manager of Professional Services, will leave you with the knowledge you need to have a friendly conversation with your colleagues about the main cloud architecture types.

Meet the host

Robin Johns

Knowledge and Training Director
at Cato Networks

A life long Educator and Enabler, Robin Johns, Cato’s Knowledge and Training Director, has a passion for all things tech. Robin has previously worked in the fields of WAN Optimization, Network Monitoring, Capacity Analysis, Digital Experience Management and Protocol Simulation. From Packets and Flows to things nobody knows. Robin wants to learn about it all.