Cato Patches Vulnerabilities in Java Spring Framework in Record Time

Cato Patches Vulnerabilities in Java Spring Framework in Record Time
Cato Patches Vulnerabilities in Java Spring Framework in Record Time
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Two Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Java Spring framework used in AWS serverless and many other Java applications. At least one of the vulnerabilities has been currently assigned a critical severity level and is already being targeted by threat actors. Within 20 hours of the disclosure, Cato Networks customers were already protected from attacks on both vulnerabilities as Cato Networks security researchers researched, signed and enforced virtual patching across Cato SASE Cloud. No Cato Networks systems are affected by this vulnerability.

The two vulnerabilities come following a recent release of a Spring Cloud Function. One vulnerability, Spring4Shell, is very severe and exploited in the wild. No patch has been issued. The second vulnerability, CVE-2022-22963, in the Spring Cloud Function has now been patched by the Spring team who issued Spring Cloud Function 3.1.7 and 3.2.3.

Within 20 hours of the discovery, Cato customers were already protected against attacks against the vulnerabilities through virtual patches deployed across Cato. Cato researchers had already identified multiple exploitation attacks by threat actors. While no further action is needed, Cato customers are advised to patch any affected systems.

Similar to the Log4j vulnerability, CVE-2022-22963 already has multiple POCs and explanations on GitHub – making it easy to utilize by attackers. As part of the mitigation efforts by Cato’s security and engineering team we verified that no Cato Networks system has been affected by this vulnerability.

As we have witnessed with Log4j, vulnerabilities such as these can take organizations a very long time to patch. Log4j exploitations are still observed to this day, four months after its initial disclosure. Subsequent vulnerabilities may also be discovered and Cato’s security researchers will continue to monitor and research for these and other CVEs – ensuring customers are protected.