Business Continuity Planning in the Cloud and Mobile Era: Are You Prepared?

Applications are in the cloud; users are working from home. Can your legacy network support both and still meet BCP expectations? Find out, as our latest eBook, “The 3 Principles for Effective Business Continuity Planning,” examines the BCP challenges confronting legacy networks in today’s cloud and mobile age.

The eBook develops three guidelines for BCP readiness and then applies those guidelines to the two main BCP concerns —a full or partial loss of the datacenter or the loss of a branch office. In both cases, the eBook identifies the risks you need to plan for and how legacy architectures will — or will not — respond.

Read this eBook and you’ll learn:

  • Three factors BCP readiness must consider
  • What specific challenges confront BCP in the event of a datacenter or branch office loss
  • The value SASE brings to BCP readiness
  • The specific BCP challenges addressed by the Cato SASE platform

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