Cato Demo: Deploy your site in under 6 minutes with Cato SASE Cloud!

In 6 minutes from now, you could already have your site deployed with Cato Networks.
Whether it’s a branch office, your HQ, a cloud center or a data center, Cato enables you to set up and secure your site in just a few minutes.
See it with your own eyes – Robin Johns, our Knowledge and Training Lead at Cato Networks deploys a site with a huge ticker counting every second.
He needs to:

  1. Create a site
  2. Create a VPN user
  3. Connect to the Cato cloud
  4. Enable WAN firewall
  5. Enable internet firewall
  6. Enable anti-malware protection
  7. Enable NG anti-malware protection
  8. Enable IPS
  9. Deploy a socket

Will he make it?

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