Cato Continues Expansion with New Global Headquarters  

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Today is an exciting one for us here at Cato. We opened our new, state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in the scenic Sarona neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. The new offices span 17,000 square meters, more than triple the size of our previous headquarters (also based in Sarona).  

The increased office space reflects how far we’ve come since moving into the now-old offices five years ago. Back then, few had heard of SASE, our Points of Presence (PoP) count spanned just 27 locations, and company emails were still on only a first-name basis (first name at Today, SASE is, well, everywhere. The Cato SASE Cloud Platform spans 90+ PoP locations, and company emails have added last names. Today, our global team includes more than 1,000 employees, and we’ve grown our Israel headcount in the past year by 100+ positions to over 500 employees.

The new Cato Networks facilities will address that growth with ample workspace. More than 1,000 workstations will be available as private offices and open-area workspaces.

“Bright, inclusive, and collaborative – these are words often used to describe our people and culture. They also capture the essence of our new global headquarters,” said Shlomo Kramer, CEO and co-founder of Cato Networks.

Left to right: Daniel Bleichman, Dalia Aderet, Gal Blushtein, Shiri Amit, Zehorit Mulshanski

The diverse work and collaboration spaces will meet the wide-ranging needs of Cato teams. There will be a recording studio for broadcast interviews and video production. An auditorium will be available to hold large gatherings. Numerous conference rooms and meeting areas will be available, bearing names from Cato’s PoP locations.

The new headquarters will also let Cato address the broader needs of “Catonians.”

“At Cato, we are committed to the well-being and experience of our employees,” says Zehorit Mulshanski, vice president of human resources at Cato. “This commitment is reflected in everything we do, from the construction of our offices to the wellness service we provide to the ergonomic chairs and desks that can be adjusted for standing work. These were all designed to support maximum convenience, productivity, cooperation, and collaboration.” 

Cato employees will benefit from breakfast catered by R2M and served daily. Cafeterias and kitchenettes situated at various locations across the floors will be fully stocked 24/7 with treats and fresh ingredients.  A shake bar, a fully equipped gymnasium, exercise and yoga rooms, and showers will also be provided on-site to encourage employee health and well-being. 

A Headquarters Befitting a Global Category Creator   

Cato has led the SASE revolution, transforming how IT leaders deliver and consume network and security services. The elegance of the Cato SASE experience has propelled the company’s success, leading to 59% revenue growth in 2023 with the addition of more than 700 new enterprise customers. Overall, Cato services more than 2,400 enterprise customers worldwide including Carlsberg Group, BoydCAT, AFI Properties,  and the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

Cato brings that same focus on usability to its work environment, creating a collaborative, modern-designed workspace. The new facility spans six floors of the prestigious Landmark Tel Aviv. The commercial and residential complex features an iconic atrium connecting two office wings on either side. The atrium features the largest cable wall in Israel, 160 meters high. Bridges cross the atrium, connecting the floors with a larger bridge every ten floors as a common area, providing an easily accessible open area for “Catonians” to collaborate and relax.  

Natural lighting is promoted throughout the complex.  In addition to the atrium, the two wings feature external glass walls, allowing for naturally lighted workspaces and providing views of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea.  

Left to right: Misha Pak, Racheli Noyman, Brurya Kurman, Ishai Hunger

Sustainability is at the heart of the Cato SASE Cloud Platform and lies at the core of Landmark Tel Aviv. The building combines Double Skin Facade (DSF) facades with internal blinds, glazing with a low heat transfer coefficient, and high transparency (daylight input) to reduce the consumption of energy-efficient air conditioning systems. A fresh air flow meter controls how much fresh air enters the building. A low-lighting load design ensures energy savings while providing sufficient lighting. Parking for electric vehicles and 350 bicycles is planned.  

“At Cato, we are building the next-generation IT security company,” says Kramer. “The new space was designed to equip our employees with everything they need so we can achieve that goal together.” 

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