Have it the Old Way or Enjoy the SASE Way

Solving emerging business needs with point solutions, inevitably creates a pile of network and security products that must be integrated, managed and maintained by IT. As networks expand to include cloud and remote users, handling this only becomes more complicated and expensive. Yet, the alternative of outsourcing management to a 3rd party entails higher costs and lack of control.

Can IT avoid the hassle of point solutions without compromising control of enterprise-wide network and security? How can IT facilitate business growth and respond effectively to evolving industry changes? Find out in our whitepaper “Integrate Point Solutions with Sweat and Tears or Choose the SASE Way.”

You’ll also gain insights into:

  • Gartner’s view on the future of networks built on point products.
  • Why convergence is the magic word for regaining control of network and security functions.
  • The myths that stand in the way of an agile, secure and cost-efficient network.
  • The significance of flexible management models for any IT team.

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