White Paper

Integrated vs. Converged SASE: Why it Matters When Ensuring an Optimal Security Posture

Not all approaches to SASE are created equally, or with an optimal security posture in mind. Gartner says, “Convergence of security systems must produce efficiencies that are greater than the sum of their individual components.”

In this whitepaper, you’ll get a look at integrated vs converged SASE solutions, and why this difference matters when ensuring an optimal security posture.

The SASE whitepaper covers:

  • The differences between legacy, integrated SASE solutions and converged SASE services
  • How to tell if a SASE solution is converged or integrated
  • The (many) security compromises that come with integrated SASE solutions
  • How to ensure an optimal security posture, with converged SASE

Ensure an optimal security posture