HackerNews Finds Cato Cloud to be a “Huge Benefit” for IT Professionals

IT professionals have better things to do than worry about configuring granular firewall rules or racing to patch systems before they fall victim to the new WannaCrypt breakout. Getting to more strategic projects is often impossible, though, with those day-to-day emergencies.

We’ve been saying that by converging networking and security into the cloud, Cato eliminates those headaches. Now TheHackerNews, a leading security portal, proved that point with its recent hands-on review of the Cato Cloud.

Cato takes care of the infrastructure for you. That is a huge benefit for busy and understaffed IT professionals,” writes Mohit Kumar, founder and CEO of TheHackerNews.

What He Tested

Kumar evaluated the Cato Cloud across four areas – provisioning, administration, access, and security.

Provisioning new users is always a challenge in complex, hybrid network. Kumar wanted to see what the experience would be like when using the Cato Management Application (CMA).

For administration, Kumar at the granularity, simplicity, and efficiency of day-to-day operations by configuring and changing access and security policies across locations.

Connectivity involved connecting to resources on-premises and in cloud datacenters. Normally, users to connect directly to resources in the cloud. With hybrid clouds, users end up having to connect and reconnect every time they want to access resources in a different cloud. Kumar looked at how Cato impacted this whole experience.

Security is particularly important for SD-WANs. Branch offices should be equipped with direct Internet access for the best performance using an SD-WAN. But direct access to the Internet increases network risk. As such, Kumer evaluated Cato’s ability to replace on-premises firewall.

The Findings

“We were really impressed by the simplicity and speed of migrating an on-premise network and security infrastructure to the Cato Cloud,” writes Kumar.

The administration is easy and intuitive, and we found the end user experience to be simple for both setup and ongoing management of connectivity and security. But probably the most compelling feature is the relief Cato provides by eliminating the need to run distributed security appliances.”

You can read the review in full here.

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