How Three Enterprises Delivered Remote Access Everywhere

With the pandemic, we’ve all seen how challenging delivering widespread remote access can be. New VPN servers need to be ordered; existing VPN servers need to be upgraded. This says nothing about the security, performance, and management challenges that must be solved for remote access to become a long-term solution.

Our new eBook, Companies Boost Home/Mobile Remote Access Performance, Scalability, and Security with Cato, can help. Three IT managers tell how in a matter of hours they deployed widespread, work-from-home solutions without shipping a single box.

Read the eBook and you’ll hear how to:

  • Eliminate remote access performance problems no matter where users are located
  • Avoid scaling and deployment problems typical of remote access
  • Onboard new users in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Deliver consistent security policies for users in and out of the office
  • Manage and maintain visibility into user traffic regardless of location

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