Replacing Branch Appliances with SASE:   5 IT Managers Discuss Their Experiences

There’s been a lot of talk about the secure access service edge (SASE) since Gartner first introduced the architecture last summer. The architecture converges networking and security into a single, global platform. But what do IT managers who’ve deployed SASE think about SASE?

Find out in this eBook as we collect the experiences and insight of five IT managers who moved from appliances-centric networks to ones built on SASE platforms.

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  • How a retailer replaced more than 100 branch office firewalls with SASE and dramatically simplified security operations.
  • The food provider who improved branch security AND even network performance in North America by moving to a SASE platform.
  • The health service provider whose analysis showed how SASE would reduce costs by as much as 6x when compared with MPLS and branch security appliances
  • The oil company that found eliminating branch appliances helped them deploy locations in under 30 minutes with SASE
  • The orthopedic practice who got better security AND deeper visibility into how bandwidth was being consumed by switching to SASE.

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