Cato Named Finalist to the 2017 RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest

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We’re gearing up for the RSA Conference in San Francisco next month, but not just to attend the show. Cato has been named as one of 10 finalists for the prestigious Innovation Sandbox Contest that’s run annually at the San Francisco, RSA Conference. Innovation Sandbox recognizes innovative companies with ground-breaking technologies and at Cato, we sure do know a bit about ground-breaking innovation.


Before Shlomo and Gur cofounded Cato, Shlomo cofounded Check Point Software, creator of the first commercial firewall. Back then life was much simpler for networking and security professionals. Their mission was clear: secure the resources inside the firewall from the wily and dangerous world outside of the firewall.

The classical network perimeter has long vanished. Our applications and data live outside the safe confines of our datacenters in the cloud. Our users are as apt to work from Starbucks as from the office. There is no longer is an “inside” and an “outside.” There is just the network.

The perimeter is no longer, but so many have yet to evolve their thinking about networks and security. Network and security appliances are still sold; legacy WANs are still deployed. The enterprise continues to purchase separate equipment and software for managing and securing mobile and fixed users. As a result, enterprises lack the agility to spin up new offices quickly or respond to zero-day threats. Our data and resources are still siloed behind different disciplines and applications, depriving us of the holistic view that could automate and transform the enterprise.

Cato revolutionizes the way organizations provide networking and security. At Cato, we allow you to rebuild the network perimeter, but it’s a perimeter for today’s business. Cato connects all enterprise resources: data centers, branches, cloud infrastructure and mobile users and connect into a single network in the cloud.  We then secure all traffic with built-in, cloud-based security services, such as next generation firewall, URL filtering and anti-malware. So now you can enforce a single policy across all traffic.

With the Cato Cloud, the network becomes simpler again. The Cato Cloud replaces your secure web gateways, MPLS backbones, SD-WAN and WAN optimization appliances, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), and on-premises firewalls, UTM, and VPN appliances. As a result, Cato allows companies to

On Monday, February 13, 2017, Shlomo will present the radical transformation that’s possible with Cato to the Innovation Sandbox Contest panel of judges. But it won’t be the first time Shlomo had a company before the panel. Aside from co-founding Check Point, Shlomo was also the CEO of Imperva, the innovator of the Web Application Firewall, and a past winner of the Innovation Sandbox contest.

Check Point. Imperva. Cato Networks. Yeah, you can say ground-breaking is in our roots.