Stratoscale Boosts Throughput 8X with Cato Cloud

Delivering the necessary throughput to distributed teams remains a challenge for IT professionals. The unpredictability of the Internet can wreak havoc with long-distance connections. Just ask Stratoscale.


The company provides cloud building blocks to modernize and future-proof the enterprise on-premises environment. The research and development (R&D) is spread between its Israeli headquarters and North America. Approximately 100 internal users connect to Stratoscale’s network with additional developers in Canada connecting to the Israeli datacenter via SSL Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).


Stratoscale developers routinely pulled down Docker files from the Israeli datacenter. While working within the office, developers benefited from a 1 Gbits/s Internet connection, but remotely performance became an issue. The combination of Docker’s large file sizes and high Internet latency meant retrieving a Docker image could take “hours,” says Oren Kisler, Director of IT Operations at Stratoscale.

Purchasing an MPLS service or deploying WAN optimization appliances weren’t feasible.  MPLS price tag was “higher”and WAN optimization is a site-to-site solution, says Kisler. “Neither is suitable for developers working offsite.”

Instead, Stratoscale turned to Cato’s secure cloud-based SD-WAN to more than quintuple remote Internet throughput. To learn more about how they improved  mobile access optimization, read the complete case study here.

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